The Black Sparrow Bath Co.

Artisan Soaps and Specialty Bath & Body Products

Black Sparrow products are handcrafted with nostalgia and love...


How We Began

Though I may not have realized it at the time, my story as creator and proprietor of The Black Sparrow Bath Co.™ began just over 5 years ago. After the sudden and unexpected loss of my grandmother, I had to find a way to work through the grieving process. My grandmother had a large impact on my life. She came from a long line of self-supporting farmers who grew and made the items they used daily. She was never afraid of hard work or doing what was necessary to get the desired outcome. She was a masterful seamstress, one of the best cooks in the world, and had the greenest thumb of any gardener. Through watching her in my formative years I realized she had instilled in me the desire to do the same; work hard, live simply, and care for myself and my family by using nature and the Earth’s bounty.

Functional Art

When she passed, and I was floundering with emotions, I found working with my hands and creating was a perfect medium with which to work through my feelings. To create a product from scratch, from start to finish and end up with a purposeful, useful piece of ‘functional art’ is very gratifying. And so The Black Sparrow Bath Co.™ was born. I started small, just experimenting, letting my family try some of the fledgling items. They were blown away by the scents I was creating, the feeling of the soaps and lotions, the use of natural products instead of chemicals and heavy fragrance. I quickly realized I may just have a market for my creations. So I created some more, spread my wings, researched and came up with new ideas and products that would set me apart. Interest was growing in my products, my purposeful art. Then I hit a road bump. If I was going to market my items, I had to have a name for my business.

The Significance of a Name

Again, I took inspiration from my grandmother. The symbolic meanings the sparrow represents reads like a character study of my Grandmother: creative, simple, joyful, protective, friendly, sense of community and productivity. Like the sparrow, my Grandmother was ever vigilant in her goals; always busy caring for her family and her community. She truly believed that idle hands should be avoided to live a healthy and fulfilled life. The sparrow is often overlooked and taken for granted.  It is small in stature yet certainly powerful. The sparrow reminds us that we do not need to have the big material things or the loudest voice to be heard or be important, the very embodiment of my grandmother. This symbol inspires me every day.  


Our Products

So now with a name, a goal, inspiration, and a need to create, The Black Sparrow Bath Co.™ is becoming a household name, at least locally. The greatest aspect of my business is that even though it’s hard work, I love every minute of it. I love how it all comes together in my kitchen from the first ingredient to the beautiful packaging. I get excited to see the look on my customers’ faces when they love a new product. I enjoy collaborating with my customers to create the perfect gift baskets full of fantastic products for my them to give as gifts. I love setting up my table at community shows and meeting my customers face to face, getting to know them and talking to them about the products that I am so passionate about. The real payoff comes for everyone because of the all-natural, wholesome ingredients I use. .

I stand behind every one of my products. The soaps are so fragrant and luxurious. They fill the shower with amazing smells while cleansing and nourishing your skin.  Each one offers a different concoction of scent, essential oils, and natural ingredients. The sugar scrubs add another level of pampering for the skin while providing intense moisturization. Step out of the shower and apply one of several of my body butters or lotions to seal in silky skin all day or night. I offer a wide variety of specialty items for the bath such as bath bombs and teas; both of which transform your bathtub into an oasis of relaxation.  There is an intense muscle rub for my active customers that warms when massaged into aching muscles to alleviate pain and soreness. Heel salve is an incredible ointment for those with callused heels, feet, or elbows. I am always creating and using life as inspiration for my products. I love mixing new colors, scents, essential oils in different ways to make new and exciting things.  

I truly believe in the products I create and it’s all we use in my house. I have seen them work for a large variety of people for a large variety of reasons. I love that I can leave my stressful day job, go home and create. It’s freeing. It’s satisfying. It’s for my grandmother. It’s for my family.